Preparation of GESI Audit guideline of Koshi Provincial Government

Name of Client: Province and local Governance Support Programme (PLGSP), Biratnagar

Duration of Assignment: 29 Jan, 2023 to 31 Mar 2023

Description of assignment:

  1. Co-ordinate with Ministry of Social Decelopment
  2. Go throght the relevant documents with GESI perspective
  3. Study and analysis of refrence materials to draft indicators of GESI Audit Guideline
  4. Analyse the GESI status on the aspects of PG ministers, agencies, stakeholders audit indicators, service delivery, law and policy, budget and planning process, instittional management.
  5. Ensuring the use of tools and methods necessary for gender mainstreaming and social inclusion.
  6. Prepare GESI audit indicators and guideline template
  7. Collect the feedback and comments from different stakeholders on draft of GESI audit Guideline.
  8. Prepare GESI Audit Guideline
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