Preparation of Periodic Plan Local bodies

Name of Client: 

  1. Musikot Municipality (Rukum west)
  2. SaniBheri Rural Municipality (Rukum west)
  3. Triveni Rural Municipality (Rukum west)
  4. Runtigadhi Rural Municipality (Rolpa)
  5. Uttargaya Rural Municipality (Rasuwa)

Duration of Assignment: 01 Feb, 2023  to 02 May 2023

Description of assignment:

  1. The main objective of formulating the Periodic Development Plan is to prepare a blueprint of the plan that can contribute to the prosperity of the rural dwellers through planned development by addressing the development problems seen in the rural municipality in a strategic manner.
  2. The Local Government Management Act 2074 provides that the rural municipality shall formulate and implement periodic strategic plans for the economic, social and infrastructural development of the local level within its jurisdiction.
  3. Fulfilling the same responsibility, Head Light has assisted Musikot municipality, Tribeni rural municipality and runtigadhi rural municipality to prepare the periodic plan based on the sustainable development goals emphasized by the Government of Nepal to create an educated, healthy, and prosperous society with social justice in the rural municipality and a high standard of living, through increased development investment, within the next five years. Challenges and opportunities on the socio-economic and infrastructure development, forestry, environment and disaster management, Institutional Development, Service Delivery and Governance was identified for preparation of this periodic plan.
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