Detail Feasibility Assessment for Improvement of Local Health System Strengthening

Name of Client:

  1. Gangadev Rural Municipality, Rolpa
  2. Sisne Rural Municipality, Rukum East
  3. Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality, Rukum East

Duration of Assignment: Nov. 2023 to Jan 2023

Description of the Assignment: 

The primary goal of the research was to analyze the existing situation of population and health services of Gangadev, Sisne and Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality in order to strengthen the local health system by identifying the current situation and assist in creating a future action plan to ensure access to accessible, quality services for all in the entire mentioned Rural Municipality.

A mixed technique approach was used in this study. While a questionnaire survey was part of the quantitative approach, the qualitative approach involved gathering information through interviews and focused focus groups with important stakeholders. Secondary source data from studies of municipal, provincial, national, and even some international health-related provisions have been used in this study to compile the essential information. A capable and knowledgeable group was chosen for this investigation. The mentioned group included the primary researcher (team leader), a research consultant, and a surveyor.

  1. Assessing the existing healthcare infrastructure, facilities, and resources available in the locality which include evaluating the adequacy of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities. Assessing the availability of medical equipment, supplies, human resources (doctors, nurses, technicians), and support staff
  2. Service Delivery Analysis: Evaluating the quality and accessibility of healthcare services provided in the local health system.
  3. Conducting interviews, FGD, KII with healthcare providers, policymakers, community representatives, and civil society organizations to gather insights, perspectives, and feedback on the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in the local health system.
  4. Based on the findings of the assessment, providing recommendations for specific interventions and strategies to strengthen the local health system.
  5. Report preparation and submission.
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