Study on the commercialization of the Agricultural Sector of Aamachhodingmo Rural Municipality, Rasuwa

Name of Client: Aamachhodingmo Rural Municipality, Goljungbesi, Rasuwa.

Agriculture is the main occupation and livelihood of most of the people, the journey of prosperity of every local government is possible only through modernization, commercialization and marketing of agriculture. Amachhodingmo rural municipality is also a local entity with a lot of potential in terms of agricultural production, thus possibility was studied for the modernization and commercialization of the agricultural sector for the development of the overall aspect of the agricultural sector by making a clear strategic plan for ensuring the resources, clarity of the action plan and the success of the return. The project’s major goal was to identify the issues, the possibility for commercializing the present subsistence farming system, and their alternative solutions. specific objective of the project was:

  1. To study the possibility of development of agriculture and animal husbandry in all the wards of the rural municipality and submit a report.
  2. To create employment and alleviate poverty by increasing the production and productivity of agriculture through the modernization, commercialization and diversification of agriculture, to prepare the necessary standards and procedures for the establishment, promotion and development of integrated agriculture and animal husbandry business.
  3. Identify and prioritize the structural, technical, and financial requirements for implementing the program in order to directly support the economic and social development of the general small- and medium-sized farmer families through the production, productivity, processing, and marketing of the agricultural and livestock products. Create and submit a plan for the rural municipality level modernization of the agriculture sector.
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