Study on the improvement of Access, Inclusiveness and Quality of Education

Name of Client:

  • Puthauttarganga RM, Rukum (East)
  • Janaki RM, Banke
  • Sunchhahari RM, Rolpa
  • Rapti RM, Deukhuri Dang
  • Sisne Rural Municipalityy, Rukuk (East)
  • Bijaynagar RuraL Municipality, kapilvastu
  • Mahhabu Rural Municipality, Dailekh
  • Ramgram Municipality, Nawalparasi
  • Rapti Sonari RM, Banke

Objectives of the project

This possibility has been studied in order to create and implement a strategic plan for improvement of access, inclusiveness and quality of education in Mahabu rural municipality. The specific objectives of this feasibility study are as follows

  1. Conduct a survey on the current educational situation of Mahabu rural municipality, collect information about the entire educational sector of the rural municipality and based on the received information, identify the existing shortcomings and present suggestions to the rural municipality for improving the quality of the educational sector.
  2. Study the national education policy, the development plan of the education sector and the SDGs related to education of the Government of Nepal, the national framework and the necessary policies and programs related to education, to make accessible, inclusive and quality education for all within the rural municipality. based on the analysis of the local environment and needs of the rural municipality
  3. To enhance the quality of education and develop creative, skilled, competitive and productive human resources and to provide support for the improvement of the quality of the educational sector of the rural municipality by presenting suggestions for appropriate arrangements and implementation for the construction and development of the necessary physical infrastructure related to education and the use of information and technology.
  4. Prepare a project proposal to create the necessary resources to make education accessible, inclusive and quality in collaboration with the stakeholders within the municipality.
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