GPS based Dynamic Digital Profile preparation in Marsyangdi Rural Municipality, Bhulbhule, Lamjung

Name of Client: Marsyangdi Rural Municipality, Bhulbhule, Lamjung

Description of actual services provided by assignment:

  • Review of existing profiles: Collect and review existing DDC/Municipality/Ward profiles prepared by several government and non-government organizations. Determine any other additions that can add value to the existing practices for preparing profile.
  • Checklist and instrument preparation: Prepare the data collection checklist, and instruments –such as mobile application, data collection forms, guidelines for enumerators, etc.
  • Orientation of enumerators: Orient enumerators on data collection and train them to use the mobile application. Consultants will also be responsible on the above topics together with the local monitoring of enumerators.
  • Analysis of data & Monitoring: Analyze day to day data received through mobile app and continuously monitor and mentor enumerators through consultants.
  • Final tabulation and analysis of gathered data: Statistical data and other information collected by the enumerators and consultants will be consolidated and analyzed. The data will also be fed to the data analysis application and GPS data collected (as explained above) will also be added to the maps.
  • Prepare draft village profiles (organize data and information): The data analyst, national consultant and result based planning expert will work together to prepare draft profiles based on the data prepared in the previous step. The consultants will also be consulted during this process.
  • Train enumerators on sharing workshop facilitation: Train local enumerators to facilitate sharing workings in the following step. The development of the data analysis application will also be completed by this stage. Therefore, the enumerators will be trained to use the data analysis application.
  • Facilitate sharing workshop: Head Light will facilitate sharing workshops to receive feedback and comments from the local stakeholders. The feedback and comments thus received will be shared with various consultants including result based planning expert, governance expert, natural resource management expert, enterprise assessment expert, economic analyst and IT consultant for the preparation of final profile.
  • Final profile: Prepare and submit final profile (incorporate feedback and comments received during sharing workshop).
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