GPS based Dynamic Digital Profile preparation in Dhunibeshi Municipality, Khanikhola, Dhading

Name of Client: Dhunibeshi Municipality, Dhading

The main target of the assignments was to prepare GPS based digital online database system of entire municipality population and institutions. All together 25 enumerators were mobilized with digital questionnaire in individual households and institutions of each wards of the entire urban and rural municipalities for tablet-based data collection from the field. Individual households and institutions survey questionnaire include demographic, education, households and amenities, health, agriculture, finance, business, geography, local government offices, health institutions, educational institutions, employment status, natural hazards, and other entire information of the municipality. Further it aimed at prepare dynamic analytical statistical digital report with detail information on municipality to support development, implementation and monitoring of the inclusive development plan of the particular municipality.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  • Prepare and develop GPS based digital tablet and mobile database software application for data collection and analysis
  • Prepare and develop electronic digital survey questionnaire for household data collection
  • Selection of the 270 (male and female) enumerators/surveyor for data collection prioritizing locals and women
  • Train and orient selected 270 enumerators for tablet-based data collection in the filed level
  • Deployment of the enumerators in the filed for data collection
  • Data collection, entry, validation, analysis and interpretation
  • Draft and present of the digital dynamic urban and rural municipality profile¬†
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