Preparation of Five Years Enterprise Development Strategic Plan

Location within country:

  1. Kalimati Rural Municipality, Salyan
  2. Sworgadwari Municipality, Pyuthan
  3. Mallarani Rural Municipality, Pyuthan
  4. Pyuthan Municipality, Pyuthan
  5. Sisne Rural Municipality, Rukum
  6. Sanoveri Eural Municipality, Rukum
  7. Shivaraj Municipality, Kapilbastu

Name of Client: Micro-Enterprise Development Program (MEDEP) IV, Area Program Support Office (APSO), Dang

Narrative description of Project:

  • Review of all literatures and decisions took by local government.
  • Conduction of seminars in local lever for suggestions
  • Conducted workshops for need assessment.
  • Final Report submission
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