Conducted One week Entrepreneurship Development Training for Small and Medium Entrepreneur awarded by Rapti Municipality, Chitwan

Name of Client : Rapti Municipality, Chitawan

Narrative description of Project:

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) are the biggest employment creators in both industrialized and emerging economies. In cases where formal labor markets do not offer enough jobs, out of necessity, people often turn to entrepreneurial activities for economic survival. Opportunity entrepreneurs are a major source of job creation and growth while necessity entrepreneurs secure people’s livelihoods. Training was conducted:

To enable potential and existing small entrepreneurs, both women and men, to start viable businesses, strengthen the viability and profitability of existing enterprises and create quality employment in the process

To enable local providers of business development services (BDS) to facilitate business start-ups and deliver improved training and support for potential and existing entrepreneurs;

To enable labour market institutions, private actors and social partners to develop strategies to roll out the SIYB programme nationally, using the services of certified providers and Master Trainers.

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